Tapioca Pearls

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Color Tapioca Pearls
The tapioca pearl texture is one of the foremost important parts of creating an ideal Cup of Bubble Tea.

There are two colors available, the normal black tapioca pearl and therefore the new colored tapioca pearl that comes in pastel colors.

There also are two sorts of tapioca pearls available, the semi-cooked tapioca pearl and raw tapioca pearl.

The semi-cooked tapioca pearl in its uncooked state is harder making it more resilient to shipping.
The preparation time is about 10 minutes but the raw tapioca and an unopened bag of semi-cooked tapioca will have a rather long period.

The downside to semi-cooked tapioca is that the pearl isn’t as chewy because of the raw tapioca.

 Semi-cooked tapioca also loses its chewiness faster than the raw tapioca.

The raw tapioca pearl is suggested because the feel is chewier and can stay chewy longer.
you’ll notice after opening the bag that the raw tapioca pearl is extremely delicate. If pinching a pearl between two fingers, the pearl breaks easily into powder.

While preparing the tapioca pearl, you’d like to make a decision if you would wish to serve your pearls harder or soft. Tapioca pearls are served at different consistencies worldwide and are usually done on preference. It should have an honest texture though, not too hard and not too mushy.

How To Store Boba Pearls :

Uncooked tapioca pearls are often stored at temperature for up to at least one year. Cooked boba: We recommend enjoying boba pearls within a couple of hours of cooking, although it can confine the refrigerator for a couple of days. Store it during a simple syrup within the fridge. As time passes, the feel of the boba will change because it begins to lose its gummy consistency, so consuming it sooner is best than later.

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