3 Packs of Boba Black Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea Ingredient With Additonal 1 Pack of 50 Boba Straws Variety Color 3 Pack Ginger Honey Crystal


3 Packs of BOBA Black Tapioca Pearl Bubble With 1 Pack of 50 BOBA STRAW
3 Pack Imozai Ginger honey Crystals or lemon flavor
Perfect for the college student, military personnel, the office, birthdays, Halloween, Pinatas, holidays or any other special occasion.
Cook Ready in 5 Mins. Great for late night treat, break room or anywhere you need a quick snack.
Make Your Own Bubble Tea! Net Wt. 8.8 Oz (250g) each, Pack free 1 pack of 50 BoBa Straw (Variety Color)


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