How to Open a Bubble Tea Shop

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       Alright, so you would like to open a bubble tea shop and now all you would like maybe a plan. the foremost important aspects of starting a Bubble Tea Store are Costs, Store Design, Necessary Equipment, Product Sourcing, Training, and site.

Bubble Tea Store Costs:

A high-end Bubble Tea Shop can cost over $150,000 to open and a franchise can cost even more. A successful bubble tea shop requires proper equipment, training, and top quality ingredients. These all cost money, but don’t worry! I’ll show you ways to open a bubble tea business without breaking the bank. With this Bubble Tea Business Plan, you’ll be ready to open up your store for $35,000-$50,000.

Bubble Tea Store Design and Lay Out:

The size of your store is going to be directly correlated together with your cost. You would like counter space and sinks. Everything else is simply personal customization. We recommend using chrome steel for your counter space. Many stores still use wood, and while wood features a lower begin cost, it won’t last very long. Within 5 years the constant liquid environment will degrade the wood and have it looking shabby and unprofessional.

Bubble Tea Equipment:

Bubble Tea Sealer Machine
High-quality bubble tea equipment is one of the foremost important parts of opening a bubble tea shop.
Boba Tea Sealer Machines are a staple at any real bubble tea shop. They create an airtight seal giving your cups an authentic look and feel. Sealer machines also economize at the end of the day because plastic sealer film is cheaper than traditional lids.
Tea Shaker Machines will help mix your hot tea, with powders and ice to form sure they dissolve properly and make the “bubbles” on top of your tea.
Sugar Dispensing Machines are the simplest thanks to confirming that your drink quality is consistent and your customers get the precise level of sweetness that they ordered.
Automatic Tea Brewers can save time and cut employee costs. But if you’re just starting out, you’ll also brew tea employing a gas or electric stove.
A stove also will be necessary for cooking your tapioca pearls (boba). the most differences between a gas and an electric stove are speed and warmth consistency. A gas range will heat up faster and convey your water to a boil much faster than an electric stove. However, an electrical stove will produce a more consistent heat source which can make cooking your tapioca pearls tons easier!

Bubble Tea Ingredient and merchandise Sourcing:

In our Bubble Tea Shop, we provide you with a range of specially selected ingredients so that you can open your BUBBLE TEA ROOM that will make your happiness and your customers.
Then not hesitate to visit and equip your salon with good quality equipment bu us.
Some other necessary items are tea shop utensils, shaker cups, stirrers, tea dispensers, measuring cups, etc.

Bubble Tea Store Location:

Don’t be intimidated if there are already Bubble Tea Shops in your area. this suggests that they’re there making money and if you’ll serve a superior product than you ought to haven’t any problem gaining market share.

Bubble Tea Store Size:

The size of your store goes to impact the value of quite anything. I’ve seen giant bubble tea shops with tables and couches and I’ve seen tiny ones that will fit into a 100 sq ft location! If it’s your first store, then we generally recommend starting small. this may significantly decrease your costs and having a smaller store

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