How to Make Bubble Matcha Tea at Home

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There are three layers to the present matcha bubble tea.

  • Tapioca balls during a dark brown simple syrup to sweeten the drink and therefore the boba itself.
  • Oat milk straight from the carton.
  • Matcha tea is shaken in cold water. (Best and quickest method to form iced matcha.)
Tapioca balls
Tapioca balls

Make tapioca balls.

This part takes the longest but it’s pretty straightforward and not hard to form.

Bring water to a boil during a pot and put the tapioca balls in. They’ll start to float to the surface for a few minutes and at that time, cover and cook on medium heat for quarter-hour. Then close up the heat and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Drain the starchy water out and do a fast rinse under cold water. It’s now ready for the dark sugar syrup bath

tapioca balls

tapioca balls

Make dark sugar syrup

While you’re expecting the tapioca balls to cook, make the dark sugar syrup.
Heat water and dark sugar until the sugar completely dissolve. close up the heat and put aside to chill until the tapioca balls are ready.
Once the tapioca balls are ready, put them into the dark sugar syrup for 5-10 minutes

Make matcha
Make matcha

Make matcha.

In an airtight container, put cold water then matcha powder. Put the lid on and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
So easy. No need for any matcha bowls or bamboo whisks or predicament. It creates a perfect, clump-free matcha each and each time
Assemble matcha bubble tea

Assemble matcha bubble tea!

Assemble matcha bubble tea!

This recipe makes two servings, so just split all the components in half to form each drink.
First, the boba (or tapioca balls) within the dark brown simple syrup goes in
Add ice to bubble tea
Add ice.
Oat milk for matcha bubble tea
Pour within the oat milk.
If you don’t have or like oat milk, you’ll replace it with any quite milk you wish.
bubble tea
bubble tea
Cold-brewed matcha for matcha bubble tea
And the final layer, the cold matcha.
Pop in an additional wide straw and confirm to swirl to combine all the layers together before drinking

Matcha Bubble Tea Tips

The tapioca balls must be made an equivalent day, within a few hours of drinking this bubble tea. They only last up to 4 hours and then, they’ll just harden and won’t be good to eat.
If you would like a bright green color, get the upper-quality matcha. The costlier the matcha, the brighter the green color.
I used a travel thermos to form the matcha but you’ll use a shaker or a bottle with a good mouth.
If you don’t have dark sugar, you’ll make the syrup using any quite sweetener like honey, syrup, or regular white sugar. I just prefer the taste of dark sugar for this drink.

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