Bubble Tea Sweeteners

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Bubble Tea Sweeteners
Bubble Tea Sweeteners

Bubble Tea Sweeteners

What makes your day sweeter than treating yourself to a cup of bubble tea? however, have you ever ever puzzled what goes into creating this drink with great care sweet? We’ve already talked concerning the Key elements of Bubble Tea, however, let’s take a better explore the sweeteners nowadays.

Every store uses its own sort of sweeteners, from syrups and sugars to fruit sugar. however from such a large amount of choices, however, does one choose? Not all sweeteners are created equal, there may be a breakdown of a number of widespread choices.


Fructose, to not be confused with High fruit sugar sirup, is an affordable choice to flavor bubble tea. fruit sugar is created from the juice of fruits and it’s sensible for extended storage. fruit sugar tastes sweeter than regular saccharose, therefore it meaning additional flavor for a lower price.

White Sugar

White Sugar, the foremost common kind of sweetener found in a very normal room, is synthesized and sweetening cane. The granules of white sugar ar tough to combine into cold beverages and ar higher suited to stirring into hot teas and coffees. so as to properly disperse white sugar into a chilly drink, it’s to be reborn into a straightforward sirup 1st. this is often done by heating equal elements of sugar and water in a very pan over heat till the sugar is liquified. The ensuing sirup will then be held on for up to four weeks within the electric refrigerator.


Honey, one in all the primary sweeteners ever utilized by humans, isn’t solely delicious and natural, however, it’s thought to possess some health advantages if utilized in moderation. Honey native to one’s space is claimed to alleviate allergies, since it’s created from the categories of flowers and plants inflicting the allergies. in addition, honey is claimed to contain enzymes and minerals that facilitate the body to digest and heal.

Golden Cane syrup

Golden Cane may be a minimally-refined kind of sugar cane that also encompasses a little bit of residual syrup, that imparts a light-weight caramel flavor on the ensuing sirup. Golden Cane is a smaller amount processed than white sugar and this product is already in sirup kind that makes it simply soluble in any sort of food, hot or cold. It particularly enhances the flavor of tea! It doesn’t have preservatives, artificial flavorings or chemicals and encompasses a time period of 1 year.

Hand-fried syrup

Though a touch dearer than our Golden Cane sirup, the method of “Hand-frying” may be a special technique that offers this syrup an additional layer of caramelized depth and, because the name implies, this method continues to be done by hand! it’s a really distinctive sweetener that adds some significance to the flavors in your tea. It’s particularly sensible in classic Milk Tea.
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