The caloric intake of Bubble Tea

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caloric intake of Bubble Tea
78 / 100
boba bubble tea

boba bubble tea

Before knowing what it is the caloric intake of Bubble Tea here is a summary of what it is and what are these components.

What is Bubble tea?

Pearl tea or bubble tea, Boba tea, tapioca pearls.
Origin: Taiwanese
Date of birth: 1980
Description: Bubble tea is a mixture of green tea or black tea and fruity flavors. It can be mixed with milk or not according to taste.
Specificity: the large brown tapioca pearls that line the bottom of the glass of Bubble tea make this drink unique. “Chewy” from the inside and slightly sweet, you will suck up these pearls using a straw!
Personality: milky, the Bubble tea has a mild temperament and goes perfectly with slightly sweet tapioca pearls. In fruit syrup, Bubble tea becomes synonymous with freshness and perfectly highlights the sweetness of the pearls.

The structure of Bubble tea

  • 3/4 cup of brewed tea: black, green, chai or jasmine
  • 1 cup of ice cubes
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar syrup – according to your taste – see our article on Flavors –
  • 1/2 cup soy, almond or rice milk
  • 1/4 cup tapioca pearls (read our articles)

Do you know what the calorie intake of a Bubble tea is?

caloric intake of Bubble Tea

caloric intake of Bubble Tea

The caloric intake of this drink is interesting nutritionally speaking because it is mainly composed of slow sugars, this thanks to the tapioca pearl, allowing you to experience a real feeling of satiety and to have a source of energy which is gradually diffused over time.
For your calculations, know that our preparation tips allow you to obtain a glass of about 350g of Bubble tea!

Value in Kcal per 100g

Coca-cola © 44 kcal
Apple 51 kcal
Plain yogurt 54 kcal
Bubble tea with fruit syrup Bubble 72 kcal
Cooked pasta 90 kcal
Bubble tea with milk and flavored powder Bubbl101 kcal
Cooked white ham 136 kcal
Butter croissant 190 kcal
Chocolate bread 280 kcal

Sources: www.tables des and Nutritional and energy analyzes for two glasses of Bubble teas Bubble carried out by the independent laboratory Silliker.
 1 kilocalorie =1000 calories or 1 kcal 

Tapioca Bubble  Tea!

Do you know what our precious tapioca pearl is made of?
Tapioca flour is mainly found there: obtained from the cassava root, this tuber is native to South America and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. But also guar gum which comes from a seed: we cultivate it precisely for its thickening and “clumping” properties, but it becomes even more “sticky” in the presence of xanthan gum. The latter is in powder form, widely used in the food industry as a binder, and as a substitute for egg, it is perfectly suitable for the preparation of gluten-free bread and pastries. It is the combination of these two precisely dosed erasers that allows us to obtain the very special texture of our pearl! And without forgetting the caramel to give it that pretty brown color that you get when cooking and that little subtle taste that makes us crack.

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