5 Fun facts about Bubble Tea

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5 Fun facts about Bubble Tea
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You surely know or have heard of bubble tea؟ But you do know that there are so many fun realities about this drink.
Don’t tell me that this drink is not healthy, because it contains a lot of sugar and fructose-based syrups. For some cafes/stores serve healthier versions, use organic milk, homemade syrups, and others.
Anyway, it’s a delicious, fun and super refreshing drink, which is truly authentic!
Below are 5 fun facts about bubble tea that we have promised you and that you should also know …

1. Origin of bubble tea:

It comes from Taiwan. However, a popular story about how it goes like this: a woman named Ms. Lin Hsiu, who worked in a tea stand in the 1980s, felt a little bored during one of her breaks and looking entertainment, she emptied her Taiwanese dessert called “Fen Yaun” and her sweet tapioca pudding directly into her Assam iced tea and she drank it. That was delicious!

In fact, it was so delicious, it was added to the menu! Later, it became the best selling drink in the franchise! After other cafes/houses saw the success of this spontaneous drink, they started adding tapioca pearls and an assortment of fruit flavors to their iced teas. As we know – this is how it went …

2. Bubble tea is in fashion:

 as you know or not, the popularity of this tea is over! Today you can find Bubble Tea stores on the streets of Taiwan. The popularity has grown so much that it has spread to the streets of China and South Korea. In addition, in the United States, it is also exploding because it is a big problem in cities like San Francisco, California and different cities in New York. However, for the majority of Westerners – it remains to be discovered, but increasingly popular, nevertheless …
There are approximately 800 Bubble Tea stores in the United States, primarily in California and New York, and other stores have been spotted in more than 30 other countries.

3. Bubble Tea in McDonald’s?

 In 2012, McDonald’s was the first fast-food chain in the world to hear about and try this new drink/trend… McDonald’s served Bubble Tea for a month in their German branches. Customers were offered three different options – with or without milk, seven syrup flavors, four options were available and two jelly options. In the end, there were a total of 252 combinations from which customers could choose.

4. Adults drinking bubble tea:

Yes, adults actually drink this tea. We can see how the name can be misleading and people can easily assume it was made for children or young adults.
The fact is that this tea first caused a stir among schoolchildren in Taiwan. But it is certainly not only for children. It’s like any other typical iced tea. However, when you drink this tea, you will have a lot more fun!

5. The Many Names of Bubble Tea:

This is just one of the many popular names for this fun drink. But, it has quite a few names in popular culture. Some of these names include Tapioca, Momi Milk, Q, Boba Nai Chai, Milk Tea, Boba Tea, Pearl Tea and frankly, a bunch of other names … Call it what you want. As you can see, there are many names to choose from.
Again, if you have not tried this tea, it may be time for you to do it … Bubble Tea is a delicious drink, it’s also very fun to drink!
Even better, you can fully customize your this tea. The tea you choose with flavor. Aussi , vous pouvez ajouter plus de sucre que vous le voudrer et surtout, vous pouvez commander votre thé avec des perles de tapioca ou de la gelée.

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